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CBN cutting tools


CBN tooling
Van Frankenhuyzen produces CBN cutting tools (Cubic Boron Nitride) for cutting hard surfaces. CBN makes for excellent cutting tools because it is an ultra hard material, withstanding the heat generated in the cutting process. We produce CBN inserts and end mills in a wide variety of shapes for different applications.

Van Frankenhuyzen
Established in 1958, we are a ground-breaking organization manufacturing cutting tools for an ample gamma of industries, such as the aerospace-, mining-, moulds and dies-, or automotive industries. We have production, automation, control and logistics divisions, all optimized to offer swift and precise service. Our small scale operations allow for inventive solutions and a great extent of communication with the customers.

If you are interested in CBN cutting tools from Van Frankenhuyzen, please don't hesitate to contact us through phone number +31(0)347-341677 or you can write us an e-mail at We can provide additional information or send you a price quotation.

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