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Cutting tools
Van Frankenhuyzen manufactures PCBN inserts and end mills for highly specialized markets. Solid- and fullface PCBN inserts are the most favorable means to cut hardened steel, powdered metals and cast irons, eliminating grinding processes after heat treatment. PCBN ball nose end mills are used for high speed milling hardened steel >45 HRC.

Van Frankenhuyzen
We specialize in cutting tools for professional customers since 1958. Our product line currently consists of the following products:

  • PCBN inserts and end mills
  • PCD inserts and end mills
  • Carbide inserts and end mills
  • PCD drills
  • PCD- PCDN- and Carbide tools

In a small team, we exploit all opportunities in searching for the best solutions for our customers. A personal approach with ample communication leads towards innovative products.

Contact and information
For supplementary information, please contact our team that is on stand-by. You can reach us through phone number +31(0)347-341677 or you can write us an e-mail with your specifications at

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    pcd inserts and pcd drills

You can read more about our pcd end mills, cbn cutting tools or pcd tooling on the pages below:


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