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PCD drills


Drilling tools
PCD drills are made of polycrystalline diamond, making it possible to cut through the hardest surfaces and withstand any heat resulting from cutting. PCD drills offer sharp cutting edges that stay sharp for an extensive period of time and can run without coolant since the thermal conductivity maximizes heat dissipation.

Van Frankenhuyzen
The cutting tools manufactured by Van Frankenhuyzen are constructed of ultra hard materials such as diamond or CBN. Cutting tools need to perform under ever harsher conditions with new materials on the market for the aerospace- or mining industries just to name a few. Light weight materials such as glass fiber can only be cut with advanced tools such as PCD drills.

More information
Van Frankenhuyzen is the perfect partner for all your drilling and end mill equipment. For more information on PCD drills you can contact us. Our team is on stand-by to assist you. You can reach us on phone number +31(0)347-341677 or alternatively on info@frankenhuyzen.

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