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PCD inserts


Specialized products
Professional cutter Van Frankenhuyzen manufactures fullface PCD inserts or brazed PKD changeable inserts for cutting aluminum with a high silicon content, abrasive synthetic materials, ceramics and hard metal in sintered conditions. For glass fiber and other non ferrous  materials, PCD inserts may be the only means of cutting these materials.
Van Frankenhuyzen
Since 1958, Van Frankenhuyzen has been highly specialized in the cutting industry. Currently, the following products are being manufactured:

  • PCD inserts and end mills
  • PCBN inserts and end mills
  • Carbide inserts and end mills
  • PCD drills
  • PCD- PCDN- and Carbide tools

We carry out small scale business as to assure our clients receive the attention they deserve so that the products come out according to specifications. We tailor make according to demands, therefore communication is key.

Request information
If you are interested in Van Frankenhuyzen's products, please don't hesitate to call us at +31(0)347-341677 for further information. You can also contact us through e-mail on

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You can read more about our pcd end mills, cbn cutting tools or pcd tooling on the pages below:


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