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Machining tools for professionals

We offer high-quality PCD and PCBN cutting tools and parts that are specifically tailored to your application, suitable for critical industries and precision applications.

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Production working pcdendmill
Production pcdendmill

Configure your own end mill

With our online product configurator, you can design your own diamond end mill. Your design is automatically converted into a drawing, so you can see if your configuration is correct. You can place your order 24/7 and it is usually delivered within 5 working days.


Our qualities

Advanced laser technology

Highly accurate results are achieved with our advanced laser technology. It offers many new possibilities.

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Years of experience

You come to us for premium craftsmanship. And with our decades of experience in the development and production of machining tools, we deliver.

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Climate-controlled working environment

Producing high quality products is only possible if the working conditions are conducive to excellence. This is why we work with reliable production machinery and ensure there is always adequate light, air, and space in our climate-controlled working environment.

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Delivering quality

Quality means more than just a good product. Because we build relationships with our customers, we work with passion and craftsmanship to deliver the quality you deserve.

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Laser homepage
Laser homepage
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