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Digital Factory

The evolution towards Smart Industry or Industry 4.0 is currently a hot topic. So what does this mean? Well, what it often boils down to is the intelligent use of data. And this has been a focus area at Van Frankenhuyzen for many years.

digital factory industry 4.0

Communication lines easier

To achieve computerised automation, processes must be clearly defined, which has the added benefit of making knowledge more transferable. What's more, the ability to monitor production and product status is also taken to a higher level.

Our approach to Industry 4.0 is based on the desire to simplify communication with the customer. This is done by sharing data, which allows you to better keep tabs on the status and easily and flawlessly configure products yourself. Our goal is to ensure that all the data goes into producing the product, and that nothing is lost along the way.

The digital revolution is drastically changing the world we live in, but machines will always be a part of it, and the challenge is to keep them all working together smoothly. Tolerances and dimensions are getting smaller, while we expect things to be done faster and faster.

Production working pcdendmill
Production pcdendmill

Configure your product 24/7

With our configurator you now have the ability to produce your own unique product, and the process is fully automated. With the introduction of in 2014, programming errors became a thing of the past. This is because we get all the data from your product itself. This information is available to us because you design your unique product yourself online and then immediately get a drawing. Only once you have approved this concept will your product be produced fully automatically. Post-processing of the data then ensures that each machine receives all the information it needs, when it needs it. The result? Changeover times are reduced, the risk of errors is minimised, and lead times are improved.

Configure your own End Mill
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